Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Give me sex or give me death!!

This Labor Day weekend, a couple of my friends and I were invited to this wonderful barbeque. When we got there I must say the talent in that place was amazing. I mean there were so many beautiful women there. I didn't actually take a count, but I would say it had to have been a 5-1 ratio females to males. My friend who invited us saw us when we walked in, and came to greet us. He then began to take us around and introduce us to everbody.

I decided to break away from the meet and greet session and head to bar in the back located by the pool. I ordered a Grey Goose and Pineapple and proceeded to go and mingle with three gorgeous females in bikinis laying by the pool. Before I could get their attention, one of my old friends from back in the day grabbed me by the arm. I hadn't seen him for a long time because his job transferred him out of state. As we began to catch-up on old times, one of the topics that came up was sex.

With all of the lovely women in the place; how could that subject not come up!? He told me he had been divorced for about 2 years. So I asked him how his love life was going. He explained to me that he hadn't a sex life because he had been diagnosed with extreme erectile dysfunction. I almost spit my drink out all over him. You see this cat used to be top choice with the ladies, and he was only 35. I asked him if his doctor prescribed medication for him. He said he had tried Viagara, Cialis, Levitra and every other pill you could think of. But he still couldn't get it up.

I thought to myself, while looking at how frustated he was, I NEVER want to be in that position!!! Not being able to extend my manhood upon request, has to be the most crucial blow to man's pride and his happiness. However, if that day does come where I can't get erect. I say it's time for me to checkout. I would rather die if I can't have sex!

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